The Williamsburg Area Bicycle Rides (aka "Route Book") includes a credit card sized USB card inside the back cover.  This article explains in a bit more detail how to use the card to print Cue Sheets or Maps or to download a GPS navigation file to your Garmin GPS computer.


First - how to insert the card into your computer.  It might not be obvious when you look at the card but there is a swivel mechanism that enables the USB contacts to swing out from the card.

Here is the front of the card with the contacts in their "home" position:

Here is the back of of the card with the contacts in the "home" position: (note the USB contact on the left side).

And here is the front of the card with the USB contacts swiveled out:

Once you swivel the contacts out, you can insert them into a USB port on your computer as you would any other USB device (like a thumb drive).


Now that you have the card inserted into your computer, use your computer's file explorer and click on the device, which will be called something like "USB Disk".  You should then see a folder called "Directories" and a file called "Table_of_Contents.html". Click on the latter file and this will open up a page in your web browser that looks like this:


Click on the link for whichever ride you are interested in and this will take you to another screen that looks like this:


Click on the links shown to get the PDF Cuesheet, JPG Map, TCX or GPX files.  When you click on the TCX or GPX files, it will place the file in your computers "Downloads" directory and you can move it from there to your Garmin "Newfiles" directory in order to put the file in your Garmin.  More information on use of the Garmin can be found here.


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Rick Nevins