by Deana Sun

Both WAB and RABA canceled their group rides on Saturday, April 2, but a few hardy souls ventured out on their bikes anyway. Ken Robertson, a RABA member who I have held joint club rides with over the last couple of years, set out from Richmond with two friends to celebrate his 65th birthday with a 65 mile ride. They were soaked by the time they arrived at Cul’s Courthouse Grille. A little over an hour later they headed back to Richmond – it was still raining. 

As soon as Cul Jenkins opened the doors at 11am, cyclists began showing up, yours truly included. Within a short time there was a sizeable contingent of WAB members having lunch and proudly wearing their club jerseys. Dave Cosgrove, our jersey peddler, hung “try-on” jerseys from the rafters and proceeded to sell quite a few. 

Route book sales were not so brisk but over a third of those pre-ordered by members were picked up. A few members indicated theyll bring cash to the upcoming General Membership Meeting on April 12 and purchase a copy there. 

There was a bit of serendipity in the air as well. A young fellow – Paul, age 19 - from San Francisco came in for lunch while the festivities were underway. He began his Trans-America cycling trip in Yorktown that morning. Needless to say he was a little overwhelmed by the number of cyclists there on a rainy day. Many WAB members stopped by to chat with him while he ate lunch and wished him well on his journey. A collection was taken up to cover the cost of his meal and a couple of Cul’s famous brownies for the road. 

Also in attendance was former Virginia governor Doug Wilder, who lives in Charles City County, and Virginia Capital Trail Foundation Executive Director Beth Weisbrod who accepted a $500 donation from Cul’s.  

The music, played not-too-loudly, could still be heard as I departed Cul’s around 4:30 pm. The sun was shining and I was happy because WAB had been represented so well by all who came out to celebrate cycling! 

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