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The Williamsburg Area Bicyclists was formed in January 1998.  


Year President Vice President Ride Coordinator Most Improved Award Volunteer of the Year Ride Leader of the Year Other Award Most Miles Ridden
1998  Mary Turnbull              
1999 Mary Turnbull Mark Dittig Edd Hodges Ann Vallone        
2000 Reed Nester Mark Dittig Jim Homerosky Pat Groeninger and Anita Piotrowski       Randy Rosemond - 8,402
2001 Reed Nester Pat Groeninger Jim Homerosky Charlie Tynan       Randy Rosemond - 8,597
2002 Neal Robinson Pat Groeninger Jim Homerosky  Karen Nester and Tim Callahan       Randy Rosemond - 9,564
2003 Neal Robinson Pat Groeninger Mark Hundley           
2004  Tom King Chuck Redding Mark Hundley          
2005  Julie Pieretti Tammy Glaser Ernie Schmidt          
2006 Julie Pieretti Tammy Glaser  Neal Robinson         Jim Homerosky - 5,243
2007 Nancy Carter Ron Grossman  Jim Homerosky          
2008  Nancy Carter Ron Grossman  Jim Homerosky          
2009  Nancy Carter  Ted Moreland Mike Rosenberg  Jan Haviland  Joanne Goode, Donae Hendricks, Michael Kaspareck, Reed Nester and Mary Grogan       
2010  Nancy Carter  Ted Moreland Mike Shushan          
2011 Nancy Carter Roger Cross   Dean Dunbar Bob Austin     Frances Adams - 7,000
2012 Ted Moreland Roger Cross  Andy Ballentine  Sue Moreland  Neal Robinson and Jim Homerosky      Larry Skalak - 21,301
2013 Bob Austin Roger Cross Andy Ballentine    Ted Hanson     Larry Skalak - 15,325
2014 Bob Austin Deana Sun Lisa Trichel-Beavers  Linda Carter Nancy Carter     Linda Carter - 6,337
2015 Deana Sun Lisa Trichel-Beavers Jim Gullo   Jim Day  Rick Nevins, Jim & Martha Gullo  Dave Clarke  Ted Hanson - Service to VCT  Wayne Hay - 8,043
2016 Deana Sun  Lisa Trichel-Beavers Jim Gullo   Fran Wenbert Gary Smith  Ted Moreland   Jim Day, Paul Stueck & Terry Walker - First Century Wayne Hay - 5,646 
2017 Deana Sun  Jim Gullo Rick Nevins   Luis Morillo Allison Jarvis  Fran Wenbert    Fran Wenbert - 11,502
2018 Deana Sun Rick Nevins  Rick Nevins   Lisa Pitman  Deana Sun Charlie Hart   Fran Wenbert - 12,064
2019 Rick Nevins Nancy Carter  Jamie Clark Natalie Barron Ralph & Happy Simmons Jamie Clarke Ambassador Extraordinaire - Charlie Hart Fran Wenbert - 13,092
2020 Rick Nevins Nancy Carter  Jamie Clark Anthony Santiago, Raul Zevallos and Elizabeth Foxx  Kathryn Blue Fran Wenbert  

Mark Holt - 14,158

2021 Jim Day David Hand Jamie Clark Vince Ferrara and Reed Ramlow Ken McFarland Raul Zevallos Club Backbone - Rick Nevins.  Best Dressed - Raul Zevallos

Mark Holt - 12,953

There has been some discussion (and possibly confusion) lately about our ride classifications, as well as the responsibilities of both the ride leaders and the ride participants when on a club ride.  First on the subject of ride classifications –  we define them as:

  • A 18-20 mph
  • B+ 16-18
  • B 14-16
  • C 12-14
  • D 10-12
  • Casual Up to 10 mph, with no one left behind

These are average paces that you should have at the end of the ride. The range reflects the fact that the final average pace may be impacted by terrain, group makeup, wind or other factors. Please keep in mind that in order to finish with an average pace of (for example) 14 mph, means that at times the rolling pace may be significantly higher or lower than 14 mph …it does not mean that the rolling pace will always be within the designated range. The actual rolling pace at any time will be influenced heavily by the wind and grade.

The ride leaders should:

  • Ride at a pace that results in a final average within the classification range.
  • Keep track of all the riders and ensure all are OK. This may mean adjusting the pace and/or re-grouping at intersections.
  • Consider designating a sweep to ride with the slower rider if needed.

The participants should:

  • Clarify with the leader the planned pace and terrain if unsure.  They should be comfortable they can maintain the pace, or at least know the roads and be OK with riding alone if necessary.
  • Refrain from riding faster than the planned group pace (ahead of the leader) unless it is agreed with the leader and re-group locations are designated.

If you have any questions or comments, please email the Ride Coordinator at

The November General Membership Meeting originated live from Conte's in Newtown on Wednesday, November 11th at 7 PM. 

Fran Lenahan told us about their personalized bike fit system called Retül™ Bike Fit. This is a data-driven system that takes your measurements and utilizing 2D and 3D motion capture data matches you to the correct frame and accessory sizes.  It also identifies trouble spots in your riding geometry and suggests fit adjustments to ease discomfort and increase efficiency. 

NOTE: Due to a technical issue, the audio in the first few minutes of the video is not optimal.  However, it greatly improves at about minute four.

This was a very informative and interesting session!  Thank you Fran!

Following is a link to the video playback:

Prior to the Conte's presentation, we had a brief business meeting to elect the 2021 WAB Officers.  The following officers were elected:


President:  Jim Day

VP: Dave Hand

Secretary: Elaine Quick

Treasurer: Ken McFarland


  • Fran Wenbert
  • John Hinton
  • Maryann Horch
  • Jamie Clark


The January 2021 General Membership Meeting was held at 7 PM on Wednesday, January 13th via Zoom.  As is traditional for the January General Membership Meeting, the program included the recognition of annual awards.  This was preceded by a presentation on road safety by a representative of James City County Traffic Division, Zach Bowman. 

A replay of the meeting is now available on YouTube HERE.

Thanks to Officer Bowman for his excellent presentation and to the 2020 award recipients:


Volunteer of the Year:  Kathryn Blue

High Mileage Award:  Mark Holt

Ride Leader of the Year:  Fran Wenbert

Most Improved Riders:

  • Anthony Santiago
  • Raul Zevallos
  • Elizabeth Foxx


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