The latest jersey design (pictured below) is inspired by a jersey WAB developed back nearly 20 years ago as part of the 300th anniversary of Williamsburg.  This jersey is manufactured by Hincapie and the sales and distribution of the jersey are done directly through the Hincapie website.

Did you miss out on getting the lighter color “away” WAB jersey the last time the Hincapie storefront was open?  Would you like to get prepared for the colder months with a polar LS jersey, arm warmers or Windtex vest? Then you are in luck!

The WAB storefront on the Hincapie storefront will be open for orders from Monday, September 7th through Sunday, September 20th. Available will be both the darker/blue and lighter/white jerseys in both the looser club fit (called Axis) or the tighter race fit (called Velocity). 

Since cold weather is coming, we’ve decided to also offer various colder weather apparel such as bib tights, vests, LS polar jerseys and arm warmers.

Here is the link to the storefront:

Remember – it closes on Sunday, September 20th and probably won’t re-open until next year!

The next time the store will open will likely be in Fall 2020.