The WAB jersey design (pictured below) is inspired by a jersey WAB developed back nearly 20 years ago as part of the 300th anniversary of Williamsburg.  This jersey is manufactured by Hincapie and the sales and distribution of the jersey are done directly through the Hincapie website.  In addition to the jersey, shorts, bib shorts and vests are available to purchase.

The WAB Storefront is now open and will close at midnight on April 29, 2022.  

NOTE: we have extended the store opening until Friday, May 6th - LAST CALL!

NOTE:  For those of you not familiar with the Hincapie line - there are two different jersey collections we have available.  The "Velocity" collection is classified as Race/Club fit on their website but most of our members would agree it is more of a race cut and tighter fitting.  The "Axis" collection is classed as Club/Race (note they are reversed) and is definitely a more loose cut.   To simplify it might be best to just consider Velocity the Race cut and Axis the Club cut.

To visit the WAB Storefront, click HERE