As a Williamsburg Area Bicyclist club member, you have access to information and features that the general public cannot access.  Following is a brief description.  After you log into the website with your Username and Password, a new series of menus will appear on the left side of this page and on the top menu.  You can explore these features further by clicking on these links.

Message Board

The WAB Message Board provides a way for members to efficiently communicate to the membership.  You have the option to receive an e-Mail upon the posting of any new messages to the message board, or you may choose to get one e-Mail daily with a summary of the posts.

Cue Sheets

As a member you have access to club cue sheets, as well as the ability to upload cue sheets.

Ride Logs

As a member you have access to the club Ride Logs system where you can keep an on-line journal of your rides.

Other Members Only Links

Other member's only benefits include access to the member directory and club information such as Board meeting minutes.