Some people keep track of their cycling mileage and rides with a paper record, some might use a spreadsheet and some use an on-line journaling system such as Strava or Bike Journal.   Ridelogs is similar to Bike Journal, but is included with your WAB Membership to provide our members with a convenient method for tracking their rides.   If you are a Strava user, you can simply set your preferences to download your rides from Strava to Ridelogs.

Members are encouraged to use this Ridelogs system, but if you prefer to keep track of your rides in another manner that is fine.  At the end of the year when we gather the total mileage from all members, you can still forward your totals via eMail or do a one-time entry at the end of the year.

Ridelogs has many features (which will be explained below) but please don't be overwhelmed!  If all you want to do is record the date and mileage, that can be done with just a few clicks.  See below for a information on how to use Ridelogs and a description of all features:

Accessing Ride Logs

From the WAB website top menu - click on "Members->Ride Logs->List My Ride Logs.  You will see a row of Icons on the top of the screen.


Adding a Ride Log

The best place to start is to click on the button.  This will take you to the "Ride Log Manual Entry" screen where you can enter your ride log.  The only two required fields on this screen are Ride Date and Distance.  When you click in the Ride Date field, a calendar pop-up will allow you to select the date of the ride.  There are many other items of information you can also enter if you desire, such as avg speed, location, time, bicycle used, climb, notes, etc.  Note that by including a location (can be a zip code or city, state) the weather at the date and location will also be stored with your ride log.  After you enter your information,  click "Submit".  

Seeing a Listing of Your Rides

Click on the button to see a listing of all the rides you have entered.  From here you can edit or delete rides, or see the detail of your ride by clicking on the ride date of your ride.  

See the Year to Date Chart for WAB Club Members

Click on the button to see the "top to bottom" chart of WAB Member Miles year to date.

Analyze Your Ride Logs

See extensive charts showing mileage by week, month and year by clicking on the  icon.

Set Your Preferences

Click on the  icon to change your preferences.  The options are:

  • Privacy - can be set to Private if you don't want your rides to display on the front page feed of recent ride nor on the YTD chart.
  • Enable Strave Download - set to Yes to automatically download your Strava cycling activities to Ridelogs. NOTE: when you first enable this, you will be prompted to authorize via your Strava account. This is a "one-way" process - only rides from Strava are downloaded to Ridelogs. Rides are never uploaded to Strava.
  • Strava Start Date - rides after this date will be downloaded to Ridelogs.

Setup Your Bicycles

If you would like to keep track of which bicycle you used for a ride, set up your bicycles by clicking on the  button.  Here you can name and record information about your bicycles.  Then when you add a new Ride Log, your bicycles will appear in a drop-down so you can select the bicycle you used for the ride.  You can also set your "default" bicycle which will be used if you don't select an alternative.  You can even use Ridelogs to keep track of mileage recorded against each bicycle.  Note - when you set up a bicycle, you pick a "type" (road, mountain, stationary, etc.).  If you select "stationary" as the ride type, then distances logged using this bicycle will still appear in the YTD chart but will be totaled separately from "road" miles.


If you have questions about Ride Logs, please send an eMail to